Are you considering joining the Jacks and Jills? Here’s some stuff to think about: Club membership is intended for individuals who have already taken lessons and want to become part of the club and participate in club activities, or relatives of such people. However, it is open to anyone who has filled out and signed our membership application, signed our code of conduct, and paid the dues ($65 per person annually, due in the Fall).

There are a few main benefits of joining the club including:

  1. Dances are free to members (except those advertised as special dances)
  2. Square dance competition practices are free to members
  3. Every new member receives a new Jacks and Jills badge with their name printed on it.

Click here to fill out the membership application form.

Click here to read and sign the Code of Conduct

**Each Member must follow the Jacks & Jills Square Dance Club Bylaws and Code of Conduct. Indecent behavior or failure to comply may result in termination of membership without reimbursement of any dues paid.**