Get Started

So, you want to become a dancer. Great choice! This may end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Square Dancing

Our square dance lessons are Sunday nights from 5:00pm to 6:30pm during the Fall. The cost $5.00 per person per week or 75$ for the whole set of lessons (15-20 weeks).

Lessons begin on or around September 15th.  The first two weeks are an “open house” where anyone can come and try out dancing to see if they are interested in dancing with us.

Round Dancing

Our round dance lessons are Sunday afternoons from 2:00pm to 5:00pm during the Summer. The cost $5.00 per person per week or $75 for the whole set of lessons (15 weeks).

What to Expect

To learn the “calls” (maneuvers) required for the normal level of dancing, you attend a weekly class for about 15-20 weeks. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the large number of calls. You are not expected to remember everything you learn each week.  The first level of dancing is referred to as Mainstream. Therefore, when you complete your lessons, you are considered a Mainstream dancer.

After you graduate, you’ll be able to attend our dances, competition (see below), festivals and other dances throughout the state, country, and world.

When you complete your lessons, you become eligible to apply to become a club member. Click here to learn more.

Most of our graduates choose to compete in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival (PNTSDF).

The PNTSDF is a competition for young people up to and including 21 years of age to meet and enjoy competition in Square Dancing, Calling, Round Dancing and Cueing along with an Exhibition Dancing category for all club members and their advisers and family members. Click here for more info.